Caregivers and Nannies who do what they love…

Caregivers and Nannies who do what they love…

Do what you love and the money will follow… Caregiver jobs aren’t just about $ money…

In a recent job posting, we had an applicant respond with no name and the following message: “all that work for $14 per hour….you got to be kidding.”

Here’s a paraphrased response to that comment:

Dear Candidate Applicant;

Thank-you for your response to the posted ad for a Live-in Nanny position. The position has now been filled by a candidate whose starting salary was much more than $14.00 because the candidate had the experience, credentials and loving and caring personality that the family was looking for.

Whereas, you wrote, “all that work for $14.00 per hour….you got to be kidding.”….and you didn’t even leave your name or open a door to develop a relationship.

Kindly remember, that everything in life is negotiable.

We get caregivers and nanny candidates from all walks of life, descriptions, different qualifications and temperaments, who ask for different ranges of pay. And then we work with them to find a family who’s willing to pay in the range they might be looking for.

If you feel that you have the credentials, skills, attitudes and personality to fit certain families and that you are marketable at a much higher price, then do come forward, register and apply. We’ll qualify you and add you to our data base of excellent caregivers to present to families who are looking for higher skilled and paid candidates, as they come along.

We focus on relationships and getting the right fit in the first place (which often takes luck and timing). We say this because; “if you don’t get a GREAT employer in the first place, no amount of money will ever satisfy you.”

You are always welcome to get to know us better.

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