We Can Help You…

Canadian Caregivers™ offers a portfolio* of trained, certified and experienced caregivers, local and from all over the world available for:

  • Live-in or Live-out
  • Full-time Placements (Part-time in some cases)
  • Short Term or Permanent
  • Domestic and/or Foreign Candidates*
  • And in some cases, TEMP Placements

Our caregiver applicants are pre-qualified, pre-interviewed and/or pre-screened To ensure you peace of mind, we’re involved every step of the way*, including:

  • Direct and personal contact between the caregiver and family
  • Detailed family needs analysis to create a “Family Profile” to get the right caregiver the first time
  • Facilitate Employer Requirements Processes: Set up Payroll Account
  • Direct to proper channels (e.g. “Application to Hire a Foreign Live-IN Caregiver” (if applicable)),
  • Post-Assist and/or Advise on Advertising Requirements*
  • Pre-Interview BIO’s to Families for interview selection **
  • Personal introductions and meetings with prospective candidates
  • Advisory and Negotiation Service/s
  • Reference Checks **
  • Police Checks (Includes vulnerable sector checks and National Crime Registry) **
  • Live-in Caregiver Program Facilitation **
  • Intermediary and Coaching Services **
  • Helpful hiring tips to help you choose the right Nanny or Caregivers **
  • Guaranteed Replacement Caregiver


* Applies to Full-time Placements. Almost 100% of our qualified FULL-TIME candidates are either trained as caregivers and/or have at least two or more years of experience. Many foreign candidates are sometimes more than qualified and bring with them degrees, experience and qualifications such as; midwives, nurses and health practitioners, therapists, physiotherapists to name a few.